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Prehnite Earrings

Prehnite Earrings

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I created these beautiful Prehnite Earrings from ethically sourced Prehnite crystals from USA and high-quality thick stainless steel!

📖 Crystal properties📖:
Prehnite is a pale yellow-green stone made primarily of calcium and aluminum.
Some forms have iron in them as well, which causes a darker orange-yellow colour, but the majority are quite pale and milky, not at all see-through. The first recorded description of prehnite is from 1788, where Colonel Hendrick von Prehn discovered it in Cape Province in South Africa.It was named after von Prehn, who was the commander of the Dutch military forces in South Africa, and who was quick to introduce Prehnite into South Africa’s booming trade in gemstones (remember, South Africa is one of the main sources of diamonds in the modern world).Prehnite remains primarily known in South Africa, although large deposits have been found in Australia as well.

🔮Crystal healing meaning🔮:
Green prehnite has primarily become associated with memory and divination. If improving your skills in either of these two fields is of interest to you, then this stone will be worth trying. A good memory is one of the most powerful tools that you can master, which is why gurus have spent thousands of years developing techniques, rituals, and spells to improve memory.In general, the use of prehnite to improve overall memory, while certainly not as effective as consulting your doctor, can efficiently reduce the frequency of bouts of bad memory, and generally improve your ability to retain information over time.If you are interested in divination, prehnite is a stone that you absolutely must pursue, as its divinatory powers are very significant. It was used for divinatory purposes, because it was said to bridge the gap between the physical world and the spirit world.Prehnite’s divinatory powers are based on its ability to show its users the realities of the spiritual world with the same sort of accuracy and clarity that we can see the realities of the physical world with.For this reason, it is the perfect stone to enhance intuition – you will quickly become conscious of the unspoken energies or vibrations of a situation.

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⛏️Note crystals come from the earth and may have natural imperfections such as cracks, grooves, crevices and etc. Please look through all photos and/or email me with any questions you have. I am more than happy to assist you!⛏️


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