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Mother of Pearl Star Bracelet

Mother of Pearl Star Bracelet

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I made this Mother of Pearl Bracelet with ethically sourced Mother of Pearl from China and gold stainless steel star charms and chain!

It is adjustable (one size fits most), gently pull the circular bead back to put on then gently slide the bead back to a comfortable fit! Looks amazing when layered with my bead bracelets!

📖Crystal properties📖:

Mother of Pearl, which is also known as nacre, is an iridescent layer of material that makes up the lining of many mollusks. The iridescent layer shields these creatures from predators by camouflaging them with the sparkle and flash of color produced by the diffraction of light reflected from their inner shell lining. The shining and shimmering appearance of it comes from this nacre covering the inner shell of the mollusks. The iridescent appearance comes from a thin layer being prisms that break white light into its component rainbow colors. The thickness and luster of nacre can be affected by various factors including seasonal changes, diet, and water temperature. Nacre is formed in layers that are not visibly apparent, but when a pearl is cut in half it reveals concentric circles that look like tree rings. The more nacreous layers there are, the finer is the luminosity and iridescence of the pearl. If you want to judge the quality of a pearl, look at the thickness of its nacre. The most common source of this material are Abalone and Pearl oysters. A common use is as an inlay in many musical instruments, furniture, and jewelry pieces. It often comes in white, off-white, and pale pink tones. The name “Mother of Pearl” comes from the Latin term ‘mater perlarun’. They can be extracted from the Persian Gulf, the largest ‘shopping mall’ when it comes to pearl production. Other notable locations include Venezuela, Japan, China, Australia, as well as many Pacific islands and rivers in Europe and North America.

💜Connected to the Crown Chakra💜
Use to align with these emotions: empowered, calm, divine, spiritual
Use when your feeling these emotions: confusion, alienation, depression, lost

*Please note that everyone feels crystals differently. Go with the flow and see what best calls out to you! There is no right or wrong way in crystal healing!
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⛏️Note crystals come from the earth and may have natural imperfections such as cracks, grooves, crevices and etc. Metal may have imperfections due the art of it being handmade and worked on! Please look through all photos and/or email me with any questions you have. I am more than happy to assist you!⛏️


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