What are ethical crystals?

Ethical crystals are sourced with the highest ethical standards, considering both human rights and environmental concerns. Some ethical concerns include:
  • Fair treatment of miners: 
    Miners should be paid fairly and treated ethically throughout the supply chain.
  • Fair treatment of Lapidary Artists: Artists should be paid fairly and treated ethically throughout the supply chain with proper safety equipment while cutting the stone.
  • Environmental damage: Mining practices should be environmentally responsible and avoid damaging the environment. In some cases rehabiltate the surround areas as well.
  • Conflict areas: Crystals should not come from areas controlled by forces opposed to a country's legitimate government, or from areas controlled by drug lords or terrorist organizations.
  • Child labor: Mining should not involve child labor.

What Mother Nature Minerals does to help?

  • I make sure to understand the crystals origin as close to the mine as possible. While I can not give you my wholesaler information (like all crystal shops do because of the competitive market), you can rest assured knowing the country/state of origin. I try to buy directly in USA from small/local businesses that purchase their stones from artisanal and small scale mines if possible to support our economy. Not only that, I make sure the crystals I get are high quality and real! So if your a rock hound and have crystals to sell, email me: mothernatureminerals@gmail.com.

  • Cultivate trust relationships with mines, lapidaries, & wholesalers. I only buy from established businesses that can verify the origins of their stones. So even though I may not have all the crystals in the market, you can count on the fact that they are indeed ethical. Depending the status/stability of the crystals origin can play a part if they are available at any given time. I always research the current conflict zones & socio-economic-political situations myself before contacting my wholesaler.

  • Research the geology and mineralogy for every stone sold. I heavily enjoy researching the properties of stones. I even do crystal knowledge posts on my social media! It is so important to understand fully the background of each crystal you buy. That's why every listing contains the crystal properties so you can make a informed decision!


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