About Mother Nature Minerals

Meet the Owner, Malika Mathis
Hello loves, my name is Malika aka Mineral Mama and I have been a crystal collector/seller for years. On July 2018, I started my crystal shop on Instagram @mothernatureminerals. I love to be able to share the magic, power, and knowledge of crystals worldwide! I love to research the scientific and metaphysical properties of crystals. I do in depth, factual crystal knowledge posts on Tik Tok @mothernatureminerals, follow me loves! I feel everyone should always have a piece that helps heal you, completes your collection or adds the perfect touch to your home and outfit. My shop has unique assortment of high quality ethical pieces and my own handmade ethical crystal jewelry line!

Plus check out my soy eco-friendly crystal candles handcrafted by me in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. My candle style uses organic herbs, and ethically sourced crystals to have a deep connection with Mother Nature. All candles are made of lead free, food grade borosilicate glass with a natural cork top. Some have bamboo tops as well! It is created with eco-friendly soy wax, 100% cotton wick, and high-quality fragrances from USA small businesses. 100% reusable and recyclable. These mindful candles will help you relax and make your home a comfy and inviting place! Tons of different scents to set the mood and remind you of wonderful memories! Finally, candles made with you in mind!