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Iolite tumbles

Iolite tumbles

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Ethically sourced from India.

📖Crystal properties📖:

Iolite is a silicate of magnesium and aluminum. Its name is derived from the Greek word ‘ios’, which means violet, and pertains to the gemstone’s violet color. However, there are some Iolite stones that are lavender, clear blue, or deep blue in color. This stone was also known as Cordierite after the French geologist Louis Cordier who discovered it in 1813. Another name that it was called was Dichroite, which means ‘two-colored rock’ in Greek, because of its ability to have different colors under a polarized light or when viewed from different angles. Iolite is most commonly found in Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Brazil, Namibia, Canada, Tanzania, Australia, and the USA.

🔮Crystal healing meaning🔮:
Iolite can help calm down emotions and still your mind. It will clear your thought processes and strengthen your intuition. It will help you understand why things happen the way they do, and why people are the way they are. Iolite will give you a clearer vision and help you achieve emotional distance when you need to process challenging life situations.  When you’re going through challenging times, the energies of this stone can empower you to find the best solutions. You will not waste time feeling afraid or uncertain because you know that you have what it takes to overcome your challenges. Iolite can help you to become more discerning, to act on your intuition, and to recognize your insights knowingly.

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⛏️Note crystals come from the earth and may have natural imperfections such as cracks, grooves, crevices and etc. Please look through all photos and/or email me with any questions you have. I am more than happy to assist you!⛏️


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